Best Material Co., Ltd is the premier, ISO certified manufacturer of rhenium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum products for worldwide customers.

We offer tungsten rhenium wire, tungsten rhenium sheet, tungsten rhenium rods and other rhenium alloy products in diverse industries. Especially tungsten rhenium wire for LCD, LED testing, tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire for high temperature furnaces and TCD wire in sophisticated machines. Rhenium ribbon, rhenium foil, rhenium heater and rhenium crucible are also our advantageous products.
Besides, we also supply competitive products like tungsten copper plasma spray electrode, tungsten sheets as X-ray shields in CT detector, crankshaft weights in oil logging, ionized wire for air cleaner, tungsten copper rotary electrodes for PCD erosion etc.
Our over-arching goal is absolute customer satisfaction, achieved through a unyielding focus on innovative design, product quality and global customer service which provides our customers the uncompromising reliability they need for their demanding missions.
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