Electrodes for Vollmer Machines

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Today we would like to introduce more about electrodes of Vollmer machines to you. In the production of PCD tools, rotary electrodes will

be used. In the below passage, first, we will lead us to know more about PCD and PCD tools, and we will talk about the main methods to

erode tools. Last, we will write about machine models and the electrodes used.

Common knowledge of PCD and PCD Tools:

PCD is the polycrystalline diamond, which is a very hard and wear-resistant material. It is often used as inserts for PCD tools.

In wood, plastic, and metal processing industry, PCD tools are often used for their long service life, stable quality, and quicker cutting


Tools like Chipper, Endmill, Profile tool, Reamer, Multi-stage tool, Cutter head, Circular saw and Scoring saw use PCD shims for the sharp


How to Erode PCD and PCD Tools?

After a certain interval of application, we need to sharpen PCD tools. Normally there are three types of eroding.

Sink erosion with sinking electrodes.

Erosion with cutting wires.

Erosion with disc electrodes or rotary electrodes.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we mainly talk about erosion with rotary electrodes.

Electrodes for EDM on Vollmer Machines:

We use rotary electrodes on Vollmer machines to erode PCD tools.

The working theory is:

During disc/rotary erosion, removal takes place between the rotary electrodes and the PCD cutting edge at the most minimum of


Copper alloys are the most suitable for use in electrodes. However, the cutting material should be easy to machine to make dressing the

disc electrodes easier.

There are two reasons that the disc performs a rotational motion during erosion:

Let the wear distribution as even as possible.

Keep its geometry constant as long as possible.

The rotary electrodes are clamped and dressed directly on the machine. This results in optimal concentricity as the dressed tool is attached

directly to the machine stand. The advantages of disc erosion to erode show in two points. We could use the circumference and we can also

use the end face.

There are many types of machines for PCD tools erosion.

Normally there are vollmer QW, vollmer QM, vollmer QR-270, vollmer QX, vollmer QM-110, vollmer QM eco.

And we also supply rotary electrodes like WCu erosion discs and WCu erosion wheels for Walter machines, anca, and Lach.

If you have no idea the sizes and which grade you need to use, pls let us know.

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