What is plasma spray?

Q: What is plasma spray?

A: Plasma Spray, one of the thermal spray process, is used for surface treatment and protection.

In this process, the temperature can reach above 10,000℃ and the plasma is produced between anode and cathode. Suitable powder is injected into the plasma jet. The powder particles are melted and propelled onto the workpiece surface.
The advantages of plasma spray are listed as below:
* corrosion protection
* wear resistance
* clearance control – abrasives and abradables
* heat and oxidation resistance
* temperature management
* electrical resistivity and conductivity

Plasma spray has several variations. It could be divided by plasma jet generation (DC plasma , induction plasma or RF plasma), plasma forming medium (gas-stabilized plasma,water-stabilized plasma and hybrid plasma) and spraying environment(atmospheric plasma spraying (APS), controlled atmosphere plasma spraying (CAPS), variations of CAPS, and underwater plasma spraying).

It is one of the most flexible process and many powders can be applied to different base materials.

With the development of plasma spray technology, it can offer a wide selection of coating materials.
Plasma is widely used for Gas turbines, combustion hardware, printing rolls for laser engravings, industrial diesel engine piston rings, down hole tools, oil and gas products.

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