Heavy Metal Boring Bars


Heavy Metal Boring Bars Vibration Dampening, Help REDUCE CHATTER in your application by using our heavy metal boring bars! [...]

Tungsten Balancing Weights


Tungsten Balancing Weights Description: In many applications like automobile engines, F1 race cars, and also airplanes, balance is very [...]

Pinewood Derby Weights


Pinewood Derby Weights Where tungsten weights are used in Pinewood Derby: For pinewood derby car, it needs weights to [...]

Plasma Spray Nozzles


Plasma spray nozzles Plasma spray nozzles, also called as plasma spray anodes. It is widely used in plasma spray [...]

Tungsten Copper Plate


Tungsten Copper Foil, Tungsten Copper Sheet, Tungsten Copper Plate: Tungsten copper is always used as electrodes to machine hard [...]

Tungsten Silver


Tungsten silver Like the process for tungsten copper, tungsten silver products is also produced by infiltrating silver into a [...]

Tungsten Heavy Alloys


Tungsten Heavy Alloys: By mixing high tungsten content with low contents of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu, high density [...]

Tungsten Copper Rod


Tungsten Copper Rods, Tungsten Copper Bars: Tungsten copper rods description: Tungsten copper rod is always used as electrodes to [...]