Heavy Metal Boring Bars


Heavy Metal Boring Bars Vibration Dampening, Help REDUCE CHATTER in your application by using our heavy metal boring bars! [...]

Tungsten Balancing Weights


Tungsten Balancing Weights Description: In many applications like automobile engines, F1 race cars, and also airplanes, balance is very [...]

EDM Processing


EDM Processing When a strong pulse voltage is applied between the tool electrode and the workpiece (to reach the [...]

Crucible liners


Crucible liners For E-Beam evaporation, crucible liners are very necessary for the process. With good thermal stability, it can [...]

Plasma Spray


Plasma spray is one of the popular methods for thermal spray. Using plasma spray, you can save cost for [...]

Pinewood Derby Weights


Pinewood Derby Weights Where tungsten weights are used in Pinewood Derby: For pinewood derby car, it needs weights to [...]

Plasma Spray Nozzles


Plasma spray nozzles Plasma spray nozzles, also called as plasma spray anodes. It is widely used in plasma spray [...]

Molybdenum Wire


Molybdenum Wire: Properties: Molybdenum wire is able to resist high temperature with lower elongation, which enables it to be [...]

Molybdenum Rod


Molybdenum Rod: Molybdenum rod is a grayish metal with high melting point, but it can be mechanically processed much [...]

Rhenium Crucible


Rhenium Crucible: We are a global supplier for rhenium crucibles and can offer a selection of rhenium crucibles based [...]

Rhenium Foil


Rhenium Foil: Rhenium foil is a silvery metal foil. It is made by sintered blank and rolled into the [...]

Tungsten Copper Plate


Tungsten Copper Foil, Tungsten Copper Sheet, Tungsten Copper Plate: Tungsten copper is always used as electrodes to machine hard [...]

Tungsten Silver


Tungsten silver Like the process for tungsten copper, tungsten silver products is also produced by infiltrating silver into a [...]

Molybdenum Rhenium


Molybdenum rhenium: By adding rhenium, molybdenum rhenium products can remain very ductile under high temperature environment and can show [...]

Thermocouple Sheath


Thermocouple Sheath: Sheath material of thermocouples is very important for the sheath has the function of protecting the measuring [...]

TCD Wire


TCD Wire: High performance TCD wire is normally made of tungsten rhenium wire. In TCD, there is tungsten rhenium [...]

Tungsten Rhenium Rod


Tungsten Rhenium Rod: By alloying different content of rhenium, we can adjust ductility and strength of tungsten rhenium rods [...]

Tungsten Rhenium Wire


Tungsten Rhenium Wire:  Tungsten wire doped with rhenium has much better ductility and stability than pure tungsten in high [...]

Sharpened Tungsten Needles


Sharpened Tungsten Needles: Tungsten wire needles, Tungsten wire, 0.010-in. diameter The surface condition of tungsten pin is smooth and [...]

Tungsten Heavy Alloys


Tungsten Heavy Alloys: By mixing high tungsten content with low contents of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu, high density [...]

Tantalum Crucible


Tantalum Crucible: Characterizing excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and outstanding physical mechanical performance, tantalum crucible is suitable for [...]

Tungsten Copper Rod


Tungsten Copper Rods, Tungsten Copper Bars: Tungsten copper rods description: Tungsten copper rod is always used as electrodes to [...]