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Project Description

Tantalum Rod, Tantalum Bar, Tantalum Wire

Tantalum is ductile, superconductive, has high-temperature strength, low thermal expansion, and high capacitance. It is tough, durable, and ductile, tantalum also offers good workability and weldability. In addition, it possesses the ability to grow uniform and stable oxides with good dielectric properties.


We have engineered applications for different sizes of tantalum rods and tantalum bars. They are cold rolled and annealed in our certain process to reach ideal properties for applications as sputtering gun barrels, machining into fasteners, x-ray or radiation shielding, medical markers for surgeons, vacuum furnace heating elements, chlorinator springs, components for light bulbs, or machined parts for chemical processing equipment.


Except tantalum straight rods and square rods, tantalum wire is also in our product range. We can offer tantalum wire on spools or loose coils. And for wire, there are different surfaces and also different process to manufacture for perfectly matching its applications.


For tantalum wire, we offer Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten (Ta7.5W) and Tantalum 10% Tungsten (Ta10W) wires. They are ideal for applications in highly corrosive environments, and as an oxygen getter in lighting applications.

High strength and grain stabilized wire is also available for specialty applications such as heating elements or fasteners in high temperature furnaces.


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