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Project Description

9MB Tungsten Lined Plasma Gun Nozzles

Description of 9MB Plasma Gun Nozzles

In plasma coating, the parts in it are undergoing a very tough environment. The temporary temperature can reach over 12,000°C. Very high temperature, high speed flowing gases, and strong electric arc have much influence on the nozzle. Normally plasma gun nozzles are made of copper. But if you have a higher energy level operated in the spray gun and you have very strict requirements about the coating quality, we recommend you to use tungsten-lined plasma gun nozzles.


Advantages of Tungsten Lined Plasma Spray Nozzles:

1. By back casting tungsten into copper nozzles, it can eliminate copper spitting. Compared to copper, tungsten is much more wear-resistant.

2. Tungsten-lined nozzles can perform better in plasma arc and process gases owing to their better wear resistance, so they can help control process drift for extended periods.

3. Compared to standard nozzles, Tungsten lined nozzles can have a longer life and you can reduce gun maintenance.

4. By using tungsten-lined plasma nozzles, you can improve spray run consistency and do not need to do adjustments to spray parameters.

5. Reducing waste for fewer nozzle changeovers.

6. We have multiple materials for you to choose from, including thorium-free and thorium materials. Each has its advantages.

Except for 9MB Nozzles, What Other Plasma Nozzles do We Offer:

On the market, there are many plasma torches. Except for 9MB Plasma Gun Nozzles, we also offer 3MB, 2MB, F4, F1, and SG-100 nozzles for you and also their compatible electrodes.