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Project Description

PCD Tools Copper Tungsten Erosion Discs

WALTER tool eroding machines (Helitronic) can erode tools made of PCD tools.

Its design of combining eroding and grinding together makes tools can be made more efficiently by the rotational eroding than wire EDM.

In the process of eroding, the technology of electrical discharge machining is used. Copper tungsten is used as electrode. It plays a very important role for the tools accuracy. Copper tungsten rotary electrode for PCD rotary tools disk erosion determines critical process parameters such as removal rate, wear, burrs, thermal expansion and requirements regarding rinsing.

Refractory metals like tungsten copper can fulfill these requirments. Copper tungsten electrodes can have higher tool sharpness than graphite and copper, which permits a more focused spark, better accuracy, smaller tolerances.

The inner stucture of copper tungsten is of great importance for homogeneous and fine grain improve the machinability of electrodes and enable it to achieve a low roughness and great surface quality.

We produce walter helitronic eroding electrodes for your PCD tools, sawblades and wood cutting tools.
High performance can help you reach a good surface roughness and perfect eroding rate.

We also offer other tungsten copper rotary electrodes including erosion discs and wheels for other brands like Vollmer, Lach, Enokida, Anca.

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