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Project Description

Crucible liners

For E-Beam evaporation, crucible liners are very necessary for the process. With good thermal stability, it can help speed the evaporation rate and reduce the cycle time.

For different substance, we have different crucible materials provided.

Molybdenum (Mo) crucible liner
Tungsten (W) crucible liner
Tantalum (Ta) crucible liner
Niobium (Nb) crucible liner
Graphite (C ) crucible liner
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) crucible liner
Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) crucible liner

Crucible shape: Cap, Standard, Low-Height- Disk, High-Height- Disk, Tublar, Customized.

For different brands, we can also accomodate with your needs. Like MDC, Thermionic, temescal, telemark, balzers, ferrotec, leybold, edwards, sloan, satis, JEOL.