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Project Description

Heavy Metal Boring Bars

Vibration Dampening, Help REDUCE CHATTER in your application by using our heavy metal boring bars!

Problems People Have with Deep Hole Boring:

Are you in trouble when facing vibrations of your shanks?
Do you feel the noise is quite loud and get annoyed?
In situations like riveting, deep hole drilling, grinding, or turning you can see or feel large vibrations that will influence your workpiece. And when machining  lightweight and flexible materials, you will hear loud noises.
Choosing heavy metal boring bars can solve your problems.

Material We Recommend for Your Application: Tungsten Heavy Metal 

We are a professional producer in powder metallurgy, especially have an edge in refractory metals like tungsten alloy.
For these situations, we highly recommend using our heavy metal shanks.

Advantages of our heavy metal shanks:

  • High density;
  • High mechanical resistance;
  • Excellent strength and ductility.
With our anti-chatter material for your boring bars, grinding quills, tool shafts, and all other types of precision tools that require anti-vibration compensation, you will experience quiet and low-vibration machining.

Grades for Tungsten Heavy Metal:

Our tungsten heavy metal is made of over 90% tungsten combining nickel and iron. We have four grades for your choice.
To ensure the short production time, we have tungsten alloy blanks in our stock. If you need, we can be quick to act.
We produce heavy metal bars and heavy metal tubes or heavy metal with coolant holes.
Round Rods: diameter from 4.5mm to 80mm, and length up to 1 meter.
Tubes are normally customized to requirements.

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