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Project Description

Ionized Wire for Air Cleaner:

In recent years, more and more air cleaners have been used in living and working environments.
For houses, the sale of air cleaners have remarkably increased with a catch phrase of collecting mite, mold, dust and pollen that are said to be the cause of allergy. In work places, there is a problem of smoking, and many companies provide smoking spots, in which air cleaners play an important role.
In addition, air cleaners are used in the production shop of precision instrument and semiconductor that are easily damaged by dust.

An air cleaner has a construction in which relatively large dust in the air is caught by a filter installed all over the cleaner and the dust of micro-size passing through the filter is charged by corona discharge electrode and attracted by a dust collecting filter charged by reverse electrode. As a result, the air blown out of the air cleaner is clean without dirty particle.

There are two types of corona discharge electrodes to be used in an air cleaner. The one is of a needle type and the other is of a wire type, and BEST TUNGSTEN supplies the wire type electrode made of tungsten. Our corona discharge tungsten wire began with the production of charge wire for PPC and, through the improvement of basic properties of charge wire, has reached the quality of charged wire for air cleaner (referred to as ionized wire) having an excellent durability. In addition, we are producing platinum-plated drawn wire as a new product of corona discharge wire so as to improve the quality.

We are offering ionized wires having various types of surface treatment.