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Project Description

Molybdenum Foil, Molybdenum Sheet, Molybdenum Plate:

Molybdenum sheet is made by pressing, sintering and rolled.
With properties of a relatively high melting point and easy-to-be formed, molybdenum sheet is common to be used in high temperature furnace.

It is used for fabrication of sintering boats, high temperature furnace heating elements and heat shields. For high temperature sintering, it is mainly used for sintering ceramics, magnets, and metal injection molded parts.

Besides, we can also offer Mo-La sheet and TZM sheet. Mo-La sheet can endure a higher temperature and have a longer life. TZM sheet is hard to form compared to pure molybdenum, but customers also have need for special application.

For different thickness, we divide it into moly foil, moly sheet and moly plate. In different thickness, we can offer different surfaces as required.

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