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Project Description

Molybdenum Ion Source Grids:

Ion source grid optics are certainly the most critical component of an ion source. They are precision engineered, and must remain precisely aligned and dimensionally stable during prolonged operation for optimum performance and to ensure a longer lifetime. For this reason, self-aligning grid optics are vastly superior to manually aligned versions. A typical grid assembly may consist of up to three grid plates. Grid plates are normally supplied in matched sets.

All ion source grids progressively erode in use. Excessively worn grids can severely affect ion source performance and cause loss of ion beam uniformity.

Molybdenum grids are chosen for their high temperature properties, inertness and low etching rate under ion milling conditions. Molybdenum grids are particularly suitable for carbon support films for high and low temperature work, since the thermal expansion characteristics of molybdenum and carbon are so similar.

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