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Project Description

Pinewood Derby Weights

Where tungsten weights are used in Pinewood Derby:

For pinewood derby car, it needs weights to make it move fast and stable. Especially when it runs on a downhill ramp, your car can run faster if it has heavy weights.
There are different materials for making pinewood derby weights. Lead, steel and tungsten. We recommend tungsten weights for your application.

The comparison of different materials:

tungsten weight zinc lead weight comparison

Advantages of tungsten weights:

1.High density
2.Small volume, ideal for small area.
3.Environment friendly, no toxic
4.Accurate dimensions for easy assembly
5.Never rust. Looks beautiful

What we can offer for your application:

We offer tungsten cylinders, incremental tungsten cylinders, tungsten COG weights, solid tungsten round, adjustable tungsten round, domed adjustable tungsten round, low profile tungsten round, tungsten cubes,  tungsten bars, tungsten canopy, triangular tungsten canopy,  tungsten underbody weights, snap-off tungsten plates, tungsten beads, tungsten disks, tungsten putty.