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Project Description

Plasma spray cathodes and anodes


Plasma spray cathodes and anodes, are also called as plasma spray electrodes and nozzles. They are used in plasma spray guns or torches.
Among thermal coating processes, plasma spray coating is one of the most versatile ones. It can produces high -performance coatings with good durability and high reliability.

During the plasma spray process, there is a very large energy produced to melt most coating feedstock materials in powder form. The plasma torch builds a chamber in which cathodes and and anode are placed. Plasma gas like argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium flows around the electrodes and through the nozzles. Direct current power is applied to the cathode, which arcs to the anode. A tremendous level of thermal energy is released. The temperature in the chamber can be above 10 000 °C.

As the key parts of plasma spray guns, tungsten-copper plasma spray nozzles and electrodes face the the challenge brought by high temperature produced.

Advantages of our plasma spray cathodes and anodes:

  • Good bond. Long service life. High accuracy.

With NDB technology (back- casting techniques), our plasma spray nozzles and electrodes can achieve perfect combination. Tungsten combining with copper can reach optimum properties of thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. We are equipped with advanced machines and can machine parts with high accuracy based on your requirements.

  • You can choose what you want. We have enough stock for you.

Every brand has its design. We can produce the one you want. For plasma spray equipment, there are big brands like Metco, FST, AMT, GTV and so on. Every plasma equipment has its own plasma spray guns. The frequently used guns are F4 plasma guns, 9MB plasma spray guns, 3MB plasma guns and SG-100 plasma guns. We provide a complete types of plasma gun replacement parts for these listed guns.

  • Wide choice of materials with your desired performance.

For tungsten, there are a few materials for your choice. Just let us know what your choice is.
We normally recommend tungsten lanthanum (WL10) for the electrodes. It is environmentally friendly and it also performs nice.

     Compared with tungsten thorium, it has below advantages:

  • Excellent ignition properties
  • Improved deposition efficiency
  • Reduced wear
  • Constantly high quality of the coatings.

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