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Project Description

Plasma spray nozzles

Plasma spray nozzles, also called as plasma spray anodes. It is widely used in plasma spray coating. In the process of plasma coating, the plasma is produced by striking an electric arc between the nozzle and the electrode inside the plasma gun.

There are several types of nozzles. Different types nozzles suit for your guns. F4 gun series, 3MB series and 9MB series gun consumable parts are available. And we also offer different grades which are appropriate for specific needs.

Long-Life grade: The nozzles are designed with tungsten-lined. It can endure long and very critical spray runs where reduced process drift is chosen. Very good bonding ensure the service life.

Standard grade: This grade is widely used worldwide for decades by many customers. No doubt for its properties.

We have stock of serials of plasma spray gun spare parts. If you need them, we can deliver in very short time.

For different volume, we offer different discount levels. You can save more if you order more.

There are also compatible parts we supply like plasma spray electrodes, o-ring.

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