Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments2022-04-28T08:33:59+00:00

Project Description

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments:

Rhenium MOCVD heater filaments are one of our advantageous products. The rhenium heater filaments are used in MOCVD (Its complete name is metal organic chemical vapor phase deposition) process.

In this process, semiconductor layers are created for LEDs, solar cells and other opto-electronic components.
In MOCVD system, the heating elements are heated to 2000 degrees.

Rhenium is with excellent high temperature performance and a longer lifespan, so it is common to be used as MOCVD heaters.

Our company pays lots of attention to the element control for the homogeneous temperature distribution in MOCVD is an important prerequisite. Customers can benefit from a greater yield from each coating cycle and thus from increased productivity.

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