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Project Description

Sharpened Tungsten Needles:

Tungsten wire needles, Tungsten wire, 0.010-in. diameter

The surface condition of tungsten pin is smooth and bright. Moreover, no stain, dirt, oxides, drawing tracks, scratches and damages are admitted on the surface of tungsten pin.

Tungsten needles have much finer tips. We have three types of needles. Needle 1 has a short blunt tip and is very sturdy; it is used mainly for scribing marks on metal surfaces. Needle 2 is not as sturdy as needle 1; it has a finer tip, used mainly for cutting particles from collodion. Needle 3 is very fine; it is used most frequently for single particle manipulation. Because the tip is rather fragile, it bends or breaks frequently. Many of these needles should be kept on hand since a few may be necessary to complete manipulation of a single particle. Not only are tungsten needles used for particle manipulation, but they can also be used when working with embryos and for glass blowing.

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