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Project Description

Tantalum Foil, Tantalum Sheet, Tantalum Plate:

Tantalum sheet is a metal with dark gray color. It has properties of high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance. The chemical stability of tantalum sheet is similar to glass, its strength and rigidity can compare to low carbon steel. For having all these properties, tantalum sheet and tantalum plate are perfect material for chemical industry and high temperature furnaces.

Tantalum is a rather softer metal which can be forged, rolled, punched, pulled. Because of the properties of strength and workability, tantalum foil can be clad to other surfaces, and offer excellent corrosion protection, which also reduces the cost greatly.

Tantalum sheet can be used in chemical process equipment, cathodic protection systems for steel structures such as bridges, water tanks, prosthetic devices for humans such as hips, plates in the skull, suture clips, corrosion resistant fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts, high temperature furnace parts and high temperature alloys (Ta10W alloy) for air and land based turbines (e.g. jet engines).

We offer Pure tantalum sheet, 90% Tantalum 10% Tungsten, 97.5% Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten, 60% Tantalum 40% Niobium sheet based on requirements.