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Project Description

TCD Wire:

High performance TCD wire is normally made of tungsten rhenium wire. In TCD, there is tungsten rhenium filament as heating wire. Compared to pure tungsten, rhenium tungsten wire has higher electrical resistivity and sensitivity. By adding rhenium, it can have better properties under high temperature.

The TCD can only be installed the rear detector position. TCD is a universal detector responding to most compounds, as well as gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Easy to use with a wide dynamic range, the TCD allows excellent detection at both high concentrations and low ppm ranges. The TCD is mounted in an insulated, heated module for easy installation and removal. The detector cell consists of sample and reference channels, each comprising a pair of tungsten rhenium filaments connected a Wheatstone bridge arrangement.

How it works:

Balanced carrier flow is maintained through the analytical and reference channels. The tungsten rhenium filaments are electrically heated and assume a temperature dependent upon the thermal conductivity of the gas passing over them. When column effluent of a different thermal conductivity passes through the analytical or reference channel, the bridge circuit becomes unbalanced and gives rise to a signal that yields the chromatographic output. Benefits: Lower Internal Volume and Smaller Overall Size, No Makeup Gas Required with 0.53mm and 0.32mm id. Capillary Columns, Series Connection Option, and Excellent Sensitivity Over a Wide Dynamic Range.

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