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Project Description

Thermocouple Sheath:

Sheath material of thermocouples is very important for the sheath has the function of protecting the measuring point and the thermocouple from external influences.

Under high temperature environment, extreme temperatures rule and a fierce interaction is ongoing among the sheath material, temperature, atmosphere, and the area of implementation.

Especially at high temperatures, thermocouples type A and Type C, in inert, reducing or oxidizing atmospheres, specific sheath material are needed for the respective application. The correct design increases reliability and thereby also the lifespan of the thermocouple.

In the selection of the correct sheath material for thermocouples in the high temperature area it should be observed that a couple of sheath materials are flexible and bendable by design, while other can only be implemented in their rigid design. We will gladly help you develop a solution for your individual application.

We have plenty of sheath materials for you to choose. Like tantalum, molybdenum, rhenium, tungsten, 50% molybdenum 50% rhenium.

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