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Project Description

Tungsten Balancing Weights


In many applications like automobile engines, F1 race cars, and also airplanes, balance is very important. A ballast can solve your problem. Tungsten balancing weights as ballasts can compensate and reduce oscillations, imbalances, and vibration.
Tungsten alloy with 90% tungsten has a very high density.
It can be over 60% higher than lead. Equipping with our balancing weights, you can get maximum weight in the smallest space.

Advantages of Tungsten Balancing Weights:

  • Massive weight in limited space: choices for different weights. Density can vary from 17.0 to18.8 g/cm3
  • Blanks and customized parts: We produce blanks of tungsten alloy rods, tungsten alloy blocks, and tungsten alloy cubes with a short production time. We can also customize based on your requirements.
  • Environment friendly: The main composition is tungsten, nickel, iron, or copper. It is environmentally friendly and can be used for long service life.
  • Matchable mechanical properties:
  • High modulus of elasticity, high strength, and optimal mechanical workability

Properties of  Tungsten Balancing Weights:


Application of Tungsten Balancing Weights:

  • Crankshaft counterweights and chassis weights in the automotive industry
  • Propeller, rotor blades and aircraft wings, winglets, ailerons, elevators, and rudders in aviation and aerospace
  • Oscillating weights in the Watch industry
  • Weight for golf in sports equipment
  • Microscopes and measuring instruments in the Optical industry
  • Logging tools like sinker bars in oil and gas drilling
  • Rega Tungsten counterweight in the tonearm
  • Tungsten Weight for Pinewood Derby Cars

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