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Project Description

Tungsten Copper Plasma Spray Electrodes And Nozzles:

In order to deposit impermeable, adherent layers on tools and components, metal or ceramic powder is melted in a plasma arc then propelled at high speed against the work piece that is to be coated. This process is called plasma spraying.
In the structure of plasma spray, the nozzles and electrodes are used and are withstand quite high temperature reaching 10 000 °C.
We are employing back-casting technology to produce tungsten copper nozzle and electrodes, which ensure excellent heat transfer and undertake huge mechanical stresses.


1.Withstand high temperature
2.Show optimum thermal conductivity
3.Have good arc erosion resistance

Better Materials for choice

Plasma spray electrodes made of tungsten-lanthanum are not just environmentally friendly, they are also high-performance. Compared to other materials, tungsten lanthanum shows great advantages in ignition properties, deposition efficiency, wear resistance, and high quality of coatings.

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