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Project Description

Tungsten Copper Foil, Tungsten Copper Sheet, Tungsten Copper Plate:

Tungsten copper is always used as electrodes to machine hard materials like hardened steel, titanium and hard metals for spark erosion technology.
In this techniques, electrical discharges occur between an electrode (WCu electrode) and the conductive workpiece that is to be machined. The sparks produced remove particles from the workpiece and is accurately controlled to give it required specifications and surfaces.

During years of research and development, we have promoted special WCu materials for EDM and EGM process. It can achieve better efficiency by showing low wear, appropriate contour sharpness and easy to grind.

The electrodes can be made from foil, sheet or plate.

Compared to copper or graphite electrodes, WCu electrodes have a longer service life. Especially in complex electrodes, service life is a key point to save machining cost.
Compared to copper or graphite electrodes, WCu electrodes are easier to reach a high level of precision and achieve low machining tolerances.
Compared to copper or graphite electrodes, WCu electrodes have better machinability. This material has no problems of deformation, burr formation, material chipping.
Compared to graphite electrodes, WCu electrodes has no special requirements about the environment, which can also help saving cost.

In our factory, we produce tungsten copper rod, tungsten copper bar, tungsten copper sheet, tungsten copper plate, tungsten copper disk, tungsten copper wheel and fabricated parts in different dimensions and different contents. Normally the grade will be W80Cu20, W75Cu25, W70Cu30. But if you need other grades, we can also offer based on your requirements.

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