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Project Description

Tungsten Foil, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Plate:

Tungsten foil is made by pressing powder into ingots, sintered into billets and then rolled into final dimensions. With different thickness, tungsten flat materials can be classified into tungsten foil, tungsten sheet and tungsten plate. Each will have difference in the process of rolling. Normally thickness from .001″ to .005″ is classified as foil and thickness from .006″ to 0.09″is classified as sheet. Thickness from .1 and larger is classified as plate.

We can offer different surfaces like shiny, matte, satin or just as rolled. And based on customers’ application, we roll and anneal to reach the optimum conditions.

Tungsten foil can be used as radiation shield material in medical industry and NDT industry, tungsten boats or lids in vacuum coating and reflection shield in high temperature furnaces.

Tungsten plate can be used as sputtering targets in PVD process, parts in ion implantation, and parts in semiconductors.

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