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Project Description

Tungsten Heavy Alloys:

By mixing high tungsten content with low contents of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu, high density tungsten heavy alloys are produced. Based on special application and properties, we can also add Co, Mo or Cr etc.
For tungsten alloys, we offer four grades for customers to choose. And the densities can vary from 16.8-18.8g/cc.

High density with good machinability
High modulus of elasticity with excellent absorption capability against rays
Compared to lead, no harm to human health and environment

It can be used as radiation shielding for nuclear medicine like PET syringe shield, vial shield, isotope container, FDG container, multi leaf collimator.
Tungsten alloy can be used as welding electrodes for resistance welding.
And it can also be used as balancing weights like heavy metal boring bar, tungsten sinker bar, well logging, weights for racing, vibration damping and counter balance.
Military industry also needs tungsten alloy balls for arming.

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