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Tungsten Rhenium Wire: 

Tungsten wire doped with rhenium has much better ductility and stability than pure tungsten in high temperature.

Tungsten wire has high strength. And tungsten wire alloying with rhenium can have improved strength too. Heat resistance and vibration strength are also enhanced in tungsten rhenium wire.


1) Chemical composition: W-3% Re wire, W-1% Re wire, W-5% Re wire, W-25%Re wire andW-26%Re wire

2) Dia.: 0.01mm-13.5mm


1. superior level of straightness and resistance uniform

2. high rigidity and high ductility

3. excellent properties under high temperature

charge wire is used to create charges for positive and negative. We can find these wires in digital printers, air cleaners and electrostatic separators. With high strength and durability, tungsten rhenium wire is one of the most popular materials.

Tungsten rhenium wires can be also used as heating wire in E-guns and E-tubes for its superior level of straightness and resistance uniform.

Besides, tungsten rhenium wire can be used as thermocouple wire for measuring temperature up to 2,200 degree due to its good properties in high temperature. Tungsten rhenium wires are used for probe needle and TCD filaments.

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