What is Tungsten Copper Used for?

Tungsten copper is an alloy by mixing tungsten and copper, so it has the both advantages of these two materials. Tungsten is hard and very wear-resistant and copper has perfect machinability, good thermal conductivity, and thermal expansion.
Owing to these advantages, the composite has been put into different applications.

1. Tungsten copper EDM electrodes for spark erosion

tungsten copper plates

The metal can be used as electrodes for electrical discharge machining.
In EDM, between the electrode and the conductive workpiece, there are electrical discharges occur.
Small particles can be removed from the workpiece by sparks. In this way, the geometry and surface can be controlled precisely.
Electrodes made from this material are normally used to machine very hard materials, like hardened steel, titanium, and carbide.

2. Tungsten copper resistance electrodes for resistance welding

tungsten inserted resistance welding electrodes

They can be used as electrodes for resistance welding.
Resistance welding is a process in which parts are to be joined and pressed under electric current.
It could be made into solid electrodes from different grades like WCu70/30, WCu75/25, WCu80/20, and WCu90/10.
Or used as part of projection welding inserts with the copper shaft or copper base.

3. Tungsten copper  switch contacts in circuit breakers

tungsten copper arcing contacts

With the high-temperature stability and excellent electricity and conductivity, the alloy is a suitable material for arc erosion contacts.
As arc erosion contacts, it can be found in gas-insulated and air-insulated switchgear as well as high- and medium-voltage generator circuit-breakers.
It is also an ideal material for low-gas contact material for use in vacuum chambers.

4. Tungsten copper heat sink in electronic packaging thermal management applications

tungsten copper heat sinks

This metal has excellent thermal conductivity and adjustable thermal expansion. It can match with different materials like (Al2O3, BeO), semiconductors (Si), metals (Kovar), etc. With these properties, it is an ideal material to be used in radar, circuit boards, microwave packages, power amplifiers, 5G mobile internet networks, optoelectronics packages, etc.
The form can be made into different forms like heat sink material, pedestals, substrates, thermal spreaders, machined components, and material blanks.

5. Tungsten copper alloys in the military industry

With high-temperature resistant properties, these alloys can also be used in the military industry. It can be used as nozzles, gas rudders for missiles, and rocket engines.
The forms can be rods, plates, and also fabricated parts.
With the technology advancement, more and more applications will be developed.
I hope you can better understand its application through this article.
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